What is Counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling provides the opportunity for clients to explore their issues and feelings in a safe non-judgemental enviroment. While adults are usually more comfortable through their issues, children may also respond through art, role play and structured play.

While anxiety is a normal state for a human being anticipating a difficult situation or a problem. Where a client may need extra support is when a client suffers from a generalised anxiety state. This can be truly debilitating leading to the inability to take decisions maybe feeling almost paralysed and depression. It may also lead to stress or even obsessive compulsive disorder. Many people on the autistic spectrum suffer from anxiety. Fortunately counselling – particularly CBT is often successful.

Anger management
Anxiety and stress can lead to anger management issues, but there are many other underlying reasons for difficulty managing anger. Fortunately anger management responds well to counselling.

Low self esteem
There are many reasons for low self esteem often connected to past life experiences counselling will usually be very beneficial.

Family problems
These may be historical or current. Family therapy develops communications within the family and will often achieve positive changes.

Life can be difficult for people on the autistic spectrum. Many people with Aspergers syndrome benefit from counselling with a counsellor with expertise and understanding of autism. Children on the spectrum often need help coping with social situations. They often have trouble coping with the current education system. I can meet and advise parents and teachers as well as work directly with the child or young adult.

Those with this syndrome have difficulty concentrating. They are also impulsive and hyperactive.
They fail to inhibit their first impulse often leading to negative consequences. This can make children see the world as hostile. While most of my clients with ADHD are children, some adults come for counselling to help them understand their condition.

Not everyone who is bereaved needs counselling, but it can be very helpful for clients who feel 'stuck' unable to come to terms with their bereavement. Children may also be helped if they are having problems coping.


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